use their
cameras as tools
of exploration,
passports to
inner sanctums,
instruments for
change. Their
images are proof
that pothography
matters - now
more than ever.

Lynn Johnson          

You Want to
reveal what life
is like - to show
things we may
never fully


Ésta es parte de la forma en que hago fotografía, el tiempo se detiene o se acelera, retumba un soundtrack en tu cabeza, la luz pasa por el ocular y aguantas la respiración, es simple... Solamente hay que saber adaptar las pupilas, guardar silencio, inhalar el frío y escuchar el hielo.
Featured Work         

Teene Mayaen - Yo soy maya

A Feature Movie Presented by The Nature Conservancy;

Directed by Varial Cedric Houin

26 min. Spanish. English and French Subtitles.

This documentary film from filmmaker Varial* chronicles the impacts of climate change and deforestation on the indigenous communities who live in and around the Mayan Forest in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and their efforts to both combat it and adapt to it. The film captures stirring images and interviews emotionally depicting the toll that changing rain patterns have had on the Mayans, forcing them to adapt their planting practices and, in some cases, migrate to cities. But the story is one of hope, as we see the communities taking action with their own hands on their own lands to implement improved productive practices that both reduce deforestation and improve resilience. They are proud leaders on the frontlines of climate change and they have a message to share with the audience: “I am Mayan and I care for my Mayan Forest. And you? What is your Mayan Forest?”

This film brings the voices of the Mayan communities of the Yucatan Peninsula to the COP21 in order to increase awareness about how climate change is affecting indigenous communities and what those communities are doing about it. While the people shown in the film cannot travel to the COP21, this film brings their stories to life with vivid imagery and stirring interviews that shows the reality on the ground for the people dealing with the impacts of climate change.
The film and the following discussion will foster interaction and dialog among the participants about the role of indigenous communities in adapting to and mitigating climate change.

First Assistant and Second Camera: Hill Rodríguez



Xibalbá en la mitología maya es el inframundo. Es el mundo subterráneo regido por la enfermedad y la muerte, que son vistas como parte de la existencia y no como castigo.

En algunas historias se menciona que al morir se enterraba a la persona con su perro, para así llevarlo como guía y ayudarlo a cruzar Xibalbá.

Éste video no se pudo haber realizo sin la colaboracion del Guía y experto en cavernas: RAÚL TORRES VALADEZ.

Gracias por este maravilloso viaje a la venas de la tierra.

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